Siam Bank Brand Identity

Siam Commercial Bank has stood as a pillar of the nation's economy for more than 110 years. Based on deep expertise and extensive banking network, they offer a full range of innovative financial products, services and solutions to meet the needs of all their customers

Inclusive and contemporary

The business center

In parallel with an interior concept development, we developed concept direction for the SCB Business Center brand. The SCB Business Centre needed a coherent brand image that not only delivers to the employees and customer needs but differentiates the SCB Business Center in the marketplace.

We provided a contemporary visual language that gave SCB the ability to communicate the Business Center as an inclusive and contemporary institution. These designs allow SCB to tell a ‘real’ story about their customers and how the SCB Business Center has had a real impact on Thai business.

Our client partners

We worked with

Our partners are also our friends. We help them to achieve their goals, and they help us to stay sharp.