NewsHub Website Design

In only ten months, MedicalDirectors’ news content has evolved to a full-scale, world-class publishing hub

Robust and flexible


MedicalDirector has pushed out over 200 pieces of content to their audience, divided into magazine sections that suit the various interests of their healthcare audience. The amount of content produced required a robust and flexible home that allows for constant growth. We created an elegant user experience and visual design that speaks confidently to healthcare professionals.


We stayed away from fads and trends and focused on timeless design principles. The visual identity is built on presenting the user with an aesthetic that is devoid of textures or complicated visual styling.


The design aligns with a content first approach and employs an editorial layout. We created a clean spacious user interface using negative space to give the content room to breathe. Scannability is the cornerstone to the success of the NewsHub.

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