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J.Andreatta represents the new guard of Australian bridal and red carpet couture. They recently entered the market and specialise in bridal and red carpet couture

With a penchant for craftsmanship combining femininity with an edge, Jessica Andreatta’s designs are breaking new ground for brides with evolving shapes, unexpected fabrications and designs that are both timeless yet effortlessly chic.

J.Andreatta’s debut work encapsulates diaphanous beauty with a hint of androgyny. This small collection coincided with the website and brand launch and broke the mould of traditional bridal wear.

Femininity with an edge

Crafted with love

The new website helped position J.Andreatta to be respected and viewed as a market leader across Haute Couture. The design is a reflection of their creations. Accomplished through innovative and unconventional distinctive visual design.

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