Freedum Mobile Game

A mobile game design and build in conjunction with BulkyPix. BulkyPix are the world renown games publisher with more than 130 games published to date, totalling more than 30Million users worldwide on major markets

Addictive gameplay

Addictive gameplay

This top-down view style, pick-up-and-play game, brings to life humorous elements and most of all, addictive gameplay. You play Dum, a once happy go lucky ladybug who enjoyed going about his daily routine of eating leaves and crawling on kids fingers. Then one day he crawled onto the wrong finger and was promptly placed into a jar and taken into the bedroom of Max!

Over a period of nine years, Max has developed quite a perverse pleasure in torturing small creatures. Spending countless hours constructing torturous courses for these poor souls to work their way out of. It’s up to you to help navigate Dum out of these makeshift hell holes and rescue all of the baby bugs as you go!

Making an impact

#1 Mobile Game in the US   |   #1 Puzzle Game in the UK

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