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AirSeed Technologies is an innovative environmental restoration company created to increase carbon sequestration through global scale reforestation. Their mission is to plant 100,000,000 trees/yr by 2023 using Drone Technology and Artificial and Data Driven Intelligence

Extreme weather events directly attributed to global warming are increasing and subsequently accelerating the rate of deforestation through devastating wildfires. Entire eco-systems and wildlife communities have been wiped out with some species close to extinction.

Airseed are planting trees at scale to accelerate the reforestation process and tackle climate change head on.

Tackling climate change head on

Airseed has developed a drone that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and GPS technology to disperse seed pods at a rate thats is 95% faster compared to traditional planting methods. This innovative and scalable solution for reforestation and afforestation is faster and cheaper than traditional manual planting practices.


– 40K tree seed pods planted per day vs.
 800 seedlings per day by a manual tree planter.

– 95% faster than traditional hand planting methods.

AirSeed has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney to determine how its drone technology could be used to assist with mangrove restoration that was affected during the bushfires, such as determining how to plant the mangrove seeds and what nutrients would be needed to grow the seedpods. The goal is to eventually plant 100 million trees by 2023 globally.

Kicking nature up the bum

“All we’re trying to do is replicate what mother nature does… and give it a big kick up the bum, and we’re doing that with tech and science,”

Andrew Walker, Founder, Airseed Technologies

Airseed needed a digital experience that:

  • Communicates the ecological impact and the innovative technology
  • Clearly articulates the problem and the solution that Airseed provide
  • Communicates that Airseed understand the land and plant appropriately to the environment
  • Surfaces the data, testimonials and proof points
  • Showcases a new visual language that finds a balance between the technology and environment


“North had no hesitation in partnering with Airseed to help bring their vision to life. Our challenge was to develop a more ownable and distinctive visual language that would align with the organisation’s values. We created a design language, and experience with new assets that would help the brand stand-out, communicate the global issue and the impact of the technology while enabling the Airseed team to use the site as a sales tool. We truly believe in Airseed and are proud to be a part of their journey now and in the future.”

Ian Howarth, Managing Partner, North

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