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What’s in? What’s out? What’s next?

As more teams are stretched and challenged by the new environmental impacts, we have seen a need for a short-term injection of design-thinking to boost resources and get projects moving. With this in mind, we developed a specific methodology to do exactly that and as a bonus, we are giving it away …

… so what have you got to lose!

Remote workshop offer:

  • The North 5-step P.I.V.O.T Remote Workshop offer – valued at $15,000.
  • Only 10 available.


What you will get from the workshop

A Personalised agenda

A preparation interview to help prioritise the problems you are trying to solve and create a customised agenda

A 3-hour facilitated workshop

An instructor-led workshop run by one of Australia’s leading strategy, product design, and innovation consultancies

Expertise and guidance 

A team of strategists and product designers who have delivered on some of Australia’s fastest-growing start-ups

A framework for decision-making

An analysis of current and future opportunities against business objectives

An actionable roadmap

A roadmap for your business, product, or delivery team that addresses current environmental factors and prioritises the activities that get the biggest short term results

A set of prioritised initiatives

A set of initiatives across impact versus effort with a common understanding and agreement of priorities and next steps

A delivery report

A report with the outputs of the session, including personalised recommendations on the most immediate initiatives

The P.I.V.O.T Workshop

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The challenges are common

3 things we are helping our client-partners with...

Innovation Opportunities

“How do we prioritise efforts and remain innovative as we look to retain key-customer groups and uncover new opportunities through the pandemic when our teams have been scaled back?”

Experience Design Review

“How do we address highlighted opportunities to re-evaluate or optimise across points in the customer journey or specific areas of our product to address changes in customer sentiment?”


Business Productivity & Planning

“How do we keep aligned to the technology roadmap, address the short-term impacts, and maintain productivity and engagement in our teams?”

The 5 step

P.I.V.O.T Method

The P.I.V.O.T Method

Founded in ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘The Lean Start-up’ methodology, our ‘5-step P.I.V.O.T’ will help your business uncover opportunities from business model design, product, experience, service, or business strategy. 

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Example deliverables

The North 5-step P.I.V.O.T workshop has been developed to specifically address the current landscape factors and enable better decisions, at speed.

Experience shows us that the output is dependent on the problem that you are trying to solve. The final output may include one of the following examples.

  • A prioritised backlog
  • A strategic delivery roadmap
  • A transition plan
  • A value proposition design
  • A phased horizon plan

Why are we doing this?

Our P.I.V.O.T method uses design thinking and accelerated problem solving to strategically address significant market forces. North created the P.I.V.O.T method to help support clients during these difficult times.

The global pandemic has shaken our businesses and our personal lives. The results will be unknown for some time but already we are seeing the acute impact on mental health in Australia and why we are working with Beyond Blue and Black Dog Institute. All your donations will go to our preferred mental health organisations.

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