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North are proudly working with Safety Culture, Australia’s latest unicorn

Jun 28, 2020 1 min read

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Townsville-founded startup SafetyCulture has raised a massive $60.5 million, pushing its valuation to $1.3 billion and crowning it the latest Aussie unicorn. Safety Culture has appointed North to create custom packaging for its iAuditor Temperature + Humidity sensors with the primary objective of designing a robust packaging to facilitate the shipping of sensors around the world for their customers.

The new sensor allows you to get accurate, real-time temperature and humidity readings straight to your phone or desktop in iAuditor. Right out of the box, the sensors have been configured to work seamlessly within iAuditor, connecting automatically when you set them up so you can build the workflows you need.

North will create a custom packaging solution that’s visually bold, protects the product during transit and strengthens the iAuditor brand.

We are excited to partnership with Safety Culture over the coming weeks. We will collaborate with Safety Culture to enable a streamlined and efficient approach to creating beautiful and robust packaging, whilst creating a quality unboxing experience for Safety Culture’s customers. In addition to this the design must break the mould and be innovative through the design and the use of recyclable materials. We can't wait to get started!
Ian Howarth, Creative Director, Founder, North

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