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Sprint towards your Brand’s true north

Your brand isn’t just a logo, a colour palette, and a font. Your brand is also ‘your story’. It champions your values and beliefs to your customers. It’s the essence of your business soul. The unignorable sign in the sky that your customers ‘connect’ with – stay loyal to – and eagerly advocate to others.

If it doesn’t represent everything you want your business future to be – it’s flawed. That means your competition are way ahead in the race for loyal customers.

What a Brand Sprint is

The ‘Brand Sprint’ is a highly effective way to bring your internal teams together and create a clear ‘compelling’ brand position – common narrative - and unique visual identity - in record time.

It connects people from multiple departments – and signposts them towards a brand focussed, productive future. And crucially, after your Brand Sprint is complete; your business gains ‘custom designed brand artefacts’ to act on in real-time – and propel your business forward.

In short; our ‘Latitude Zero’ Brand Sprint changes the branding process in your favour – fast.

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What a Brand Sprint does

Imagine the benefits of ‘every crucial member of your team’ with a crystal-clear vision of what your brand aims to communicate to the world. Imagine your current and prospective customers with instant recognition of everything your business stands for. Imagine every single element of your business persona aligned to resonate emotionally with the people who need what you offer. Now, imagine the ability to make it happen in a matter of days.

A Latitude Zero Brand Sprint makes it all possible. It’s a guaranteed way for your business to find its ‘true north’. It’s how the Latitude Zero programme was named and why we created it.

The Process

Latitude Zero

The Latitude Zero Process

When the ideal time to suit your business schedule is agreed, we work alongside the key members of your teams in ‘intensive burst brand sessions’ spread out over a ten-day period.

There are seven vital phases to your brand sprint:

Latitude Zero enables you to define your core values, personality, tone of voice, and brand language.

This empowers your business to:

  • Engage with and stay in the minds of your customers
  • Attract qualified prospects
  • Convert leads into sales figures
  • Increase revenue and drive more profit

In just 10 days – your business gains a fully optimised brand direction and brand artifacts.

What you get

The outcome of a Brand Sprint can be totally different depending on if you are an existing or new brand. The standard outcome includes:

  • Facilitation of the 10 day session
  • Brand workshops
  • Opportunity space map
  • Brand postioning statement
  • Brand values and attributes
  • Voice & tone guideance
  • Stylescapes / mood boards
  • Custom brand mark
  • JPG, EPS, PNG files
  • Font selection & hierarchy
  • Brand colour palette
  • Brand photography guidance
  • A light brand mark style guide

Your Brand Sprint benefits

Whether starting from scratch or refreshing your brand; the ‘sprint’, like the name suggests, gets your business to the finish line faster – and generates immediate benefits:

Fully Optimised Department and Team Alignment – Everyone is creative. Everyone in the room has ‘valuable’ ideas. Welcoming input from all areas of the business creates Brand Ambassadors and puts everyone on the same page from the start.

Save Countless Time and Money – Your sprint drives immediate value by producing ideas, concepts, positioning, and a visual language – in a much shorter amount of time – with subsequently, far less cost to your business.

Faster ‘Actionable’ Artefacts – Your Brand Sprint creates artefacts quicker. Enough said!

Shape ‘Key’ Business Decisions – based on everything your brand stands for.

Attract and Retain World-Class Staff – with a business culture that encourages creative and valuable input from all departments.

Optimise Customer Loyalty & Retention – through clear brand identity, core values, and a ‘user transparent’ business persona.

Let us walk you through the sprint process

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Why work with us?

We love answering that question – bring on the trumpets...

Our 20-strong collective of passionate, creative minds are laser-focused on the enhancement of your brand message and business persona.

Our ‘work with you’ Brand Sprint is built on proven results and highly recommended service.

Over 20 years’ experience of brand development (for some of the world’s largest organisations) at your disposal.

Immediate clarity for your business that can then be used to leverage other ‘key’ deliverables – as we build out and augment your brand with you.

A brand your customers connect with – stay loyal to – and eagerly advocate to others.

In just 10 days – we aim to take your business from ‘a’ choice amongst the pack – to ‘the’ choice in your marketplace.

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If this is a brand vision that resonates with your business – Latitude Zero is perfect for you.

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